Bobby Tank

For all its youthful bravado dance music can't help but be allusive sometimes.

Once the Millennium dawned techno suddenly turned minimal, while house was over run with disco re-edits. Instead of directness, it seemed that producers favoured subtlety - instead of shoving energy into their music it seemed that DJs wanted to be coy, indiscrete.

Bobby Tank, though, is a little different. Taking his cue from producers such as Rustie and Hudson Mohawke, Bobby Tank seems to favourite hyperactive, neon tinted synths and enormous, cliff face beats.

Breaking through last year, Tank's hip hop leanings are infused with renewed sense of confidence. Ideas are delivered with near hyper-real clarity, infused with a rare intensity which swaps aggressive for day-glo invention.

New EP 'The Way' could well mark a tipping point. Already gaining plays on mainstream radio, the title cut is perhaps Bobby Tank's most daring, adrenalin fuelled effort yet.

Out on February 25th, 'Vorpheum' is set to be available on the vinyl release but won't stray into the digital realm. Given exclusive first play on ClashMusic, this is a tongue in cheek take on Rustie's fluorescent Futurism - all boom-bap stomp and lazer guided melodies this is sheer, unadulterated fun.

Listen to it now...

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'The Way' is set to be released on February 25th.


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