Skydive (Roska Remix)

The Dutch electronic scene has always born comparison to the UK.

After all, Caribbean immigration has given both countries a solid love of sub-low textures, whilst the house and techno scenes have also left firm footprints.

So it's no surprise, really, to see Chuckie achieve international acclaim. Born Clyde Narain, the DJ took the name Chuckie in his teens and began fusing hip hop's largesse with the smooth, seductive tones of house music.

A technically gifted turntablist - David Guetta rightly lauded him from the off - Chuckie is taking his 'Dirty Dutch' sound global. New single single 'Skydive' is built for arena use, with those guest vocals from Maiday sending the house diva role soaring off into the heavens.

Out on November 25th, 'Skydive' could well prove to be the producer's breakthrough moment. In true Chuckie style, though, the single comes backed with a carefully curated selection of remixes - including an offering from South London's own Roska.

The Kicks & Snares guru continues to dominate the UK underground, and adds a funky kick to Chuckie's production. It's a smooth, glistening take on the original, but those soft-as-feathers synths are matched by some soca-like kicks in the percussion.

Listen to it below.

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