'The Curb (James Zabiela Remix)'
James Zabiela

Falling out of favour with critics around the turn of the Millennium, drum and bass remains a global force.

Emerging in 2008, English duo Spectrasoul are clearly unaware of the fatwah issued against the Amen break by a new generation of bass warriors. Teasing, turning the drum and bass scene in new directions, the pair are stalwarts with their material continually pushing boundaries.

Deceptively soulful track 'The Curb' was released earlier this year on Shogun Audio, and displays a rare power in its arrangement. Space is used almost as an instrument in itself, before those drops arrive to tear up the system.

Southampton's own James Zabiela has stepped in on remix duties, adding his own flair to proceedings. Toying with the vocals, the producer has ripped out the Amen break to make way for his own rhythmic vision.

A house pulse informed by his Breakbeat past, this is a contagious, energetic re-working just right for the festival season. An arms-aloft anthem, James Zabiela's re-working of 'The Curb' fits in with the ongoing House resurgence but displays the full wealth of the English producers experience.

Listen to it below.

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