Funny how the devil looms large in bass culture.

Perhaps it's an unconscious evocation of the Rastafarian spirituality running through roots reggae, but the devil figures in Wiley's ice cold Eski phase, through aspects of dubstep and beyond.

UNKNWN have a clear bass fixation, and their brooding electronics have a certain menace, a certain intrigue. An alter ego for Chris Hanna and Gemma Dunleavy, the duo have only placed a handful of tracks online thus far but each and everyone has stamped out a clear, defined identity.

Gathering the splinters of post-dubstep and shaping them into something quite different, UNKNWN dwell in the shadows, wrapping their music in mystery.

Stirring from the deep, UNKNWN have handed new cut 'Devil' to Clash. There's a brooding violence to the music, matched by a soulful delivery as the production creaks and groans, threatening to collapse into shards.

Listen to it now.

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