H. Hawkline

For those who grow up in the countryside, countless idle hours can be spent watching birds at play.

Soaring, swooning, curving, dashing each seems to follow their own path, to sketch out their own route. Not for them the mundane, the prosaic, the shortest, most logical route - instead, bird's tend to fly by aesthetic, cutting a dash wherever possible.

It's something which occurred to us when pondering the meaning of H. Hawkline' moniker. A 'hawk line' see? Lines which make no sense to the human eye but seem perfectly logical to our avian friends.

Real name Huw Evans, each track from the songwriter seems to occupy its own space, its own outline. Last year's 'Black Domino Box' EP was chock full of idiosyncrasies, of whims seized and turned into style.

A "civil partner" to that release, new EP 'Ghouls' fuses Hawkline's sensitive musical etching to a curiously surreal sense of humour. Recorded in Bristol's Toy Box studio's with Ali Chant at the helm, the EP features walk on appearances from the likes of Stephen Black (Sweet Baboo) Robin Edwards (R. Seiliog) and Cate Timothy (Cate Le Bon).

Out on June 17th via the always essential Turnstile imprint, 'Ghouls' is another dollop from the imagination of H. Hawkline. Bonus track 'Mummy' was recorded during those sessions, but won't be featured on the EP - instead, you can download is first via Clash.

Breezy songwriting which borders on the jaunty, this is the perfect place to dip into H. Hawkline's work.

Listen to it now... Grab it HERE.

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