Emerald The Killer

Sometimes the finest, most transcendent pop music happens by accident.

Heyerdahl are a case in point. Retreating to a lighthouse in their native Norway to work on new material, the band became trapped in a ferocious hurricane.

Leaving the recording equipment on, the terrifying weather seeped through the walls and into the microphones. The results are magnificently atmospheric. Already making waves in Scandinavia, debut album 'ØEN' matches bewitching songcraft to lush, cinematic production.

Whilst the material on 'ØEN' sounds beautiful this shouldn't disguise the strength of the songcraft. Heyerdahl released their debut single 'Mirage' last year, a track which seemed to effortlessly embody that sweet / sour dynamic which runs through so much thrilling pop music.

It's a dynamic at play on their debut album. For every soaring melody there is a heartbroken lyric, for every minor key lament there is a wry smile with 'ØEN' emerging as a puzzling, layered work that reveals itself over sustained listens.

ClashMusic are pleased to offer up a stream of album track 'Emerald The Killer' as our latest Track of the Day. An odd mixture of countrified guitar and blissful synths, it's something which could well get under your skin - if you give it time...

'ØEN' is set to be released on January 28th.


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