South London is unlike anywhere else in the UK.

Whereas North London is a confined, controlled, managed space, it's southern twin is a sprawling mixture of influences. With estates, border lines spilling over one another, South London is a hectic, pressure-fuelled area whose identity is continually shifting.

No wonder it produces such fantastic music. A collision of swampy, bass ridden beats and lush textures informed by classic R&B, BRTSH KNIGHTS are a reclusive production team from the deepest depths of South London.

Little is known about the project, with mp3s finding their way into the right hands earlier this year. Smoky, fugged up productions which alternate between soundsystem dread and sheer euphoria, there's a brutal beauty here akin to the tower blocks which pepper the capital's skyline.

Debut single 'If I Was To' b/w 'Hazed' will be released through Technicolour Records on June 10th. It's an imposing introduction - one where the vivid colour of the production is shot through with the paranoia and intensity of city life.

Listen to 'Hazed' below.

'If I Was To' b/w 'Hazed' will be available from June 10th.

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