McCarthy no more.

Javeon could only have come from Bristol. There's that love of bass, for a start, but also the producer's flagrant dis-regard for the rules, the ease with which he stampedes through genre lines.

Ditching his previous surname, Javeon is now moving in a lighter, more pop-oriented direction. Yet this isn't some frothy dilution of what's gone before - rather, the producer is adding light where previously there was shade, space where previously there was an imposing density.

New track 'Mercy' even features a vocal turn from the producer. Turns out that Javeon has a soulful touch, with his soft, smooth-as-butter delivery fusing effortlessly with the buoyant house production to craft something which brings the summer sun to the darkening days of October.

Listen to 'Mercy' below.

Javeon is set to release new single 'Lovesong' via PMR on October 28th.

But that's not all... Bristol bred maverick Javeon is set to play a joint-headline with FTSE at next month's EASTnotEAST party, while Barnaby will also be on hand to raise temperatures.

Find full ticket information via Skiddle - check out the Facebook event page here.

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