Good Intentions
Robert Ellis

Growing up in the country, far away from metropolitan centres, can be a frustrating experience.

But it does have its benefits. Coming of age in rural Texas, for example, no one thought to tell Robert Ellis that fusing country with soul, funk and even free jazz wasn't exactly the established route.

Yet that's exactly what the American songwriter has done. 2011's 'Photographs' full length was a breakthrough of sorts, sparking a global tour which exposed Ellis to countless fresh influences.

Returning to the studio, these new sounds quickly became apparent. Speaking recently, the songwriter mused: "On this record I was trying to channel everything from Paul Simon, Randy Newman and Bill Withers, to free jazz artists like Ornette Coleman".

Gathered on new album 'The Lights From The Chemical Plant' the material is a probing, absorbing and extremely diverse collection. At times moving, at others up beat and euphoric, it's a powerful indication of the breadth Ellis is capable of covering.

Stripped from the album, 'Good Intentions' becomes our final Track Of The Day this week. The backbeat is itchy, urgent and funky with Robert Ellis revealing a time when no matter how hard he tried everything kept going wrong.

Listen to it below.

Photo Credit: David McClister

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