'Make It Mine' due on December 10th

TOY are set to round out their breakthrough year with the release of new single 'Make It Mine'.

Opening 2012 with a residency at London's Shacklewell Arms, TOY have firmly stamped their footprint on British music. In a year dominated by neo-psychedelic albums - Tame Impala, The Time & Space Machine and lots, lots more - the band stuck out with the sheer energy of their invention.

Matching Motorik rhythms to swathes of tortured Moog noises, TOY's debut album rightly won across the board praise. With the year drawing to a close, the band have decided to treat fans by releasing another new single.

Stripped from their debut album, 'Make It Mine' is set to gain a standalone release on December 10th. Available as a 12 inch and on download, the track will be accompanied by the Richard Fearless remix of 'Drifting Deeper' and two previously unreleased tracks. 'Live Electronics' and 'She's Over My Head' round out the package - expect those to emerge online closer to the date of release. 

One more time... here's the video for 'Motoring'.

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TOY are set to release 'Make It Mine' on December 10th.


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