Singer to appear in new movie

Iconic songwriter Tom Waits is to star in a new Western called 'The Book Of Eli'.

Tom Waits have tread a long, and sometimes lonely, path as a songwriter. His early lounge singer styled material was covered by groups such as The Eagles and many others.

However, Waits never felt comfortable in this role and began experimenting with free jazz, spirituals, field hollers and other sounds of America.

Still capable of out-barking the hounds of hell with his inimitable voice, the singer has also done more than his fair share of acting work - notably appearing in 'Mystery Men'.

'The Book Of Eli' is to be directed by the Hughes brothers and is apparently about a post-Apocalyptic wasteland where only one man can protect the destiny of humanity.

Alright, so it doesn't sound too impressive but it's got Tom Waits in it and that's always a bonus.

In other Waits-related news, the singer is due to release a new split live seven inch with Lucinda Williams as part of the global 'Record Store Day' celebrations.

Tom Waits will release his new single on April 18th.

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