Doesn't Rate His Abilities

Talking in the latest issue of Clash, Welsh legend Tom Jones reveals his low opinion of his songwriting talents.

In conversation with The Zutons' Dave McCabe for Clash's 'Personality Clash' feature, the pair were speaking about Jones' new album, '24 Hours', and the team he worked with when he admitted "I’ve never written anything of any real value."

He also reveals his opinion on The Beatles and The Rolling Stones...they're small!

The two were talking about Jones' L.A. base when McCabe asked if he ever bumped into (fellow L.A. resident) Ringo Starr. They then talked about The Beatles with Jones stating "All The Beatles are small though" then adding "...And The Rolling Stones."

The full transcript of Tom Jones and Dave McCabe's chat can be read in the current issue of Clash magazine with cover stars, The Killers.

Read more about the issue here.

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