Oldman, Firth, Hurt & Hardy Star

Okay, the trailer's been out for a week or so but please forgive our tardiness, it's the height of festival season after all. Clash have been drooling over the big screen remake of the John le Carre thriller 'Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy' since news of it first broke. And the new trailer has done nothing to quell our desire to see the finished article.

Initially an adaptation was made as a BBC tv series in the 70's, starring the masterly Alex Guinness in the title role of retired spy George Smiley. Set during the Cold War, Smiley is recalled by the Intelligence services to aid in hunting down a mole within their operation, only the mole is working at the very highest of levels, making the job extremely difficult and sensitive.

Normally such a remake would make us nervous, however, bring on board a fresh director and an absolutely stellar cast and we're pretty much won over. Tomas Alfredson, director of the critically lauded 'Let The Right One In' (original version) has taken over at the helm for his first international production. In an inspired piece of casting George Smiley is being played by none other than the criminally underused Gary Oldman. Support is offered by an unbelievable roll call of the UK's best working actors including John Hurt, Tom Hardy, Mark Strong, Colin Firth and Ciaran Hinds amongst others. Drooling, us?

It promises to be a serious and mature piece of work which frankly, there isn't too much around of these days. We shall be queuing outside our local cinema on the evening of the 16th September and suggest you do too.


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