'Uptown Psychedelia'
Tim Hecker x Daniel Lopatin

Tim Hecker and Daniel Lopatin have shared the video for 'Uptown Psychedelia'.

Software aim to promote collaboration. The Stateside label are lining up a number of new releases, allowing artists to swap ideas and break down barriers. First in line are Tim Hecker and Daniel Lopatin. The pair have been working on new material, and the results are set to be gathered on forthcoming album ‘Instrumental Tourist’.

Out on November 19th, Tim Hecker and Daniel Lopatin recently unveiled a new video. ‘Uptown Psychedelia' is taken from their upcoming album, and the title is no mere piece of hubris. There's a definite psychedelic feel to proceedings, with the production team switching between digital sounds and distorted analogue instruments. Check out the video below.

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‘Instrumental Tourist’ is set to be released on November 19th.


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