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Throwing Snow

Throwing Snow is set to release his new EP 'Aspera' on December 3rd.

Real name Ross Tones, Throwing Snow announced his presence earlier this year. Fuelling his own Snowfall imprint, the producer released debut EP 'Clamor' to widespread acclaim earlier this year. Typically beautiful, delicate productions, 'Clamor' signalled the arrival of a producer who seemed to have an expert control of space.

Now Throwing Snow is set to release a follow up, with 'Aspera' set to drop on December 3rd. Containing four tracks, Throwing Snow adds renewed muscle to his sound. Experimenting with different types of percussion, 'Melum' even nods towards the lightning tempos of Chicago's Footwork scene.

Title cut 'Aspera' has already emerged online. Stream it below.

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'Aspera' is set to be released on December 3rd.


1. Aspera
2. Melum
3. Lingerwell
4. Behest


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