During Reddit chat...

Thom Yorke has opened up about working on new material for Radiohead and Atoms For Peace during a chat with Reddit users.

Billed as 'the front page of the internet' Reddit's community is one of the strongest on the web. So when Thom Yorke decided to open up to fans about his upcoming projects, the vast American-based site is as good a bet as any.

Agreeing to take part in an 'Ask Me Anything' chat, Thom Yorke fielded questions from fans. Asked about Radiohead's plans, the singer explained that the Oxford group were using Jack White's Nashville studio to construct new material before reconvening properly in September.

Bantering with fans, Thom Yorke did reveal a few previously unknown pieces of information. Asked about completed material, the singer said that Radiohead “now have two unfinished tracks, one of which is ‘Identikit’.”

'Identikit' of course has previously been performed live, although the frontman neglected to name the second track. Atoms For Peace release their debut album 'Amok' next week, but it seems that the collective could be “in the same room again” by May to work on new material.

Finally, Thom Yorke explained that more releases could be forthcoming from his collaborations with Four Tet and Burial. The trio released a sought after 12 inch last year, with the frontman stating: “we talks about it. In fact as usual I gotta write some words”.

Read the full chat HERE.

'Amok' is set to be released on Monday (February 25th).


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