TV series gains release date

Acclaimed television series This Is England '86 is set to gain a DVD release later this year.

A much misunderstood youth cult, the skinhead enjoyed a renaissance in the 80s. Becoming popular with young people across the country, the look was often associated with Far Right supporters.

However this is only part of the story. In 2007 Shane Meadows directed the BAFTA award winning film 'This Is England' which got inside the heart of the skinhead movement, telling a powerful story.

Using a cast which mixed experienced actors with novices, 'This Is England' contained some show stopping performances.

Turned into a four part television series, the follow up 'This Is England 86' has gained numerous plaudits. Lighter in tone than the original film, the story follows the same characters four years later.

Written by Shane Meadows and Jack Thorne, the series is now half way through. Being broadcast on Channel 4, it's depiction of a run down mid 80s council estate has become cult viewing.

Mixing skin styles with psychobilly, Casuals and more the series is a trip down memory lane for some. Now 'This Is England 86' is set to make its way to DVD, accompanied by a host of extras.

The series will be accompanied by behind the scenes footage, interviews, out takes and deleted scenes. In addition to this, Shane Meadows will provide audio commentary on a project he has previously claimed to be partly inspired by his own life.

Due for release on October 11th, the acclaimed series will be given a new lease of life with the extras.

Meanwhile, fans can check out the third episode of the series. 'This Is England 86' was broadcast last night (September 21st) and is now available on 4OD.

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