Californian group to take a break...
Thee Oh Sees

Thee Oh Sees have confirmed their intention to take a break.

Initially begun as a side project, Thee Oh Sees' brand of fetid garage punk has developed a (highly successful) life of its own. Sadly, it seems that the group are set to take a break - and there is no sign of continuing activity.

Playing a show at San Francisco's Great American Music Hall, John Dwyer told the crowd: ""This will be the last Oh Sees show for a long while... so dig in."

SFWeekly spoke to representatives from the band, who confirmed that Thee Oh Sees are to take a break. With members of the band moving to different cities across California, it looks as though keeping the group together has simply become unsustainable.

"They need a break after 5 years straight, so yes ... hiatus time," the band's booking agent Annie Southworth revealed. "Will be a little hard to continue with all the different locales so who know what is going to happen... Cross fingers, we all are that it's not completely over." (via Stereogum)

Sad times. Here's 'Toe Cutter Thumb Buster'.


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