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Another morsel of information has emerged concerning the second album from The xx.

Is there a more eagerly anticipated British album this year than the new record from The xx? The Mercury award winning trio recently launched a three night stand in London, holding a lottery for show starved fans.

Dropping handfuls of new material into their set, The xx teased fans with a couple of updates. Now FACT are pointing to a Twitter update from Rodaidh McDonald, the in-house producer at Young Turks.

McDonald produced the band's celebrated debut, and appeared to confirm that he had begun the final mix down on their new full length. The Tweet has since been deleted, although no one from Young Turks has come forth to deny the story.

FACT also point fans towards an interview with Sound on Sound, in which Rodaidh McDonald recalls the moment he first heard the band's music.

“I could hear the strong R&B influence,” Rodaidh McDonald said. “The first track I heard was ‘Hot Like Fire’ (an Aaliyah cover) and I thought it sounded amazing. And the guitar parts, I fell in love with… and there were all these street noises and things that’d just been picked up by accident in the background".

"It was a recording that really took you somewhere, so it was really important for me to recreate that somehow. There’s loads of imperfections on the record that are left in on purpose, just because I wanted it to sound like people in a room, rather than this polished kind of perfect crystalline thing. It was all the small details that we really liked.”

Read the full interview HERE.

Here's a clip of The xx performing a new track live in London.


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