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The Wytches

The Wytches are set to release their new cassette 'Thunder Lizard Revisited' later this year.

Not all psychedelia is pastoral, whimsical and escapist, y'know. Some of it - from Hawkwind to The Monks and beyond - is dirty, nasty and downright debauched.

The Wytches sit in this lineage. Formed in Brighton, the band's emergence this year has coincided with something of a purple patch for fresh new psychedelics.

Signed to Hate Hate Hate, new EP 'Thunder Lizard Revisited' is set to be given a full cassette release. Available in a limited pressing of 150, new cut 'She's So Far Out' is already streaming online.

What does it sound like? Well, damaged and unhinged it seems to push every needle going deep into the red.

Listen to it now.

The Wytches are set to release new EP 'Thunder Lizard Revisited' on September 25th.

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