Have you seen them?
The Wytches

The Wytches have had their guitars stolen after a show in Birmingham - have you seen them?

It seems to be a recurring problem for bands on tour. The past year has seen everyone from Marika Hackman to Thurston Moore losing out to thieves whilst performing live, and now sadly we have to add one more group to this list.

The Wytches were performing in Birmingham last night (June 4th) but sadly it seems that the show has been marred by an incident shortly after stage time. Thieves made their way to the tour van, and robbed the band of several instruments.

A quick message from the group: "Can Birmingham people keep an eye out for these two guitars? They were stolen along with a ventures Wilson bros. model in sunburst from the van last night. If you know any guitar stores local please let them know or let us know who they are so we can call them to see if they try to sell them. This crap aside the show was great last night and we're in London tonight, Barfly. x"

So: have you seen these instruments? Get in touch with the band on Facebook or Twitter if so.

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