Unusual project unveiled

The Waterboys have unveiled plans for their poetry inspired new album 'An Appointment With Mr Yeats'.

A deeply under-rated group, there has always been a lot more to The Waterboys than a couple of hit singles. Fusing traditional British music with pop culture, the band are continually pushing themselves forward despite being out of the public eye.

Now the band have confirmed plans to tackle one of the 20th century's greatest poets. WB Yeats was inspired by Irish history, mixing folklore with a knowledge of Classicism to create a deeply individual style.

His work covers politics, religion, love, history and more with his use of Symbolist language becoming highly influential. Now The Waterboys have confirmed plans to release an entire album based on his work.

'An Appointment With Mr Yeats' is set to be released on September 19th and contains the poet's work set to music. Explaining the inspiration behind the project, singer Mike Scott admitted that the album was something the band had planned for two decades.

“Since 1991, when I sang a few Yeats interpretations onstage at the Abbey as part of a festival, I’ve had the vision of a whole show and an album using Yeats’ words as song lyrics. Over the years I’ve returned again and again to my book of The Complete Poems and have slowly built up a repertoire. And I should stress these are songs - rock’n’roll, pop, psychedelic and roots songs - not recitations" he explained.

"My purpose isn’t to treat Yeats as a museum piece, but to connect with the soul of the poems - as they appear to me - then go wherever the music in my head suggests; and that means some surprising places.”

A teaser has emerged online - listen to a rendering of 'Sweet Dancer' below...

SWEET DANCER by The Waterboys

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The Waterboys are to release 'An Appointment With Mr Yeats' on September 19th.

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