Chaos at Snowbombing set

Lead singer with The View Kyle Falconer has collapsed onstage during the band's set at Snowbombing.

The group have had a mixed year so far. Their second album 'Which Bitch?' raced into the top ten on the back of positive reviews, but a UK tour was dogged by drunken incidents.

During one show in Nottingham lead singer Kyle Falconer was too drunk to perform, slurring his words and slouching beside the microphone. Removed from the stage the group attempted to continue with the singer from a support band on vocal duties, to the obvious disgust of the audience.

Now it seems that The View's behaviour has caught up with them yet again. The band had been working at Snowbombing all day, doing interviews in the afternoon before playing at night. All that hard work must have gone to Falconer's head as he collapsed 15 minutes into the band's set and then walked offstage.

Returning to play guitar, the band's set was cut short amid boos and catcalls from the audience. VirtualFestivals blogger Daniel Fahey describes the show:

"After just two clattering tracks The View's frontman, Kyle Falconer, walks offstage. Bassist Kieren Webster fills the time with some comedy. "You wanna hear a joke? A Glaswegian joke?" he drawls in a very strong Scottish accent, 'The Fratellis.' Boom boom."

"After one more song, with Falconer on guitar duties, it seems that The View are the joke this evening."

"Kyle leaves stage for a second time and doesn't return. Answering to a chorus of boos Webster tells the crowd 'Kyle's not feeling well, he's already fainted once. I'm really sorry.' They were sounding awful anyway."

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