Fifth album kicked off

The Strokes have reportedly begun work on their new album, the follow up to 2010's 'Angles'.

'Angles' was the album which almost broke The Strokes. Taking time off, the band struggled to re-capture the chemistry which fuelled those pivotal early releases.

Battling on, the band produced an album which found them growing old disgracefully. Fighting off rumours of a split, reports indicate that The Strokes have now begun to knuckle down on LP #5.

NME have spoken to the father of guitarist Albert Hammond Jr, himself a hugely successful songwriter. Albert Hammond Snr revealed that the band are back in the studio, writing and recording fresh material.

"Albert says that the stuff they're doing is incredible" he revealed recently. "They're doing it themselves with their friend, engineer and producer. He just says 'Dad, it's incredible'."

Continuing, Albert Hammond Snr mused on the potential direction the band will go in. "I don't think they'll go in a wildly different direction. Obviously the songs will be different, but I think The Strokes are The Strokes; they always will be The Strokes."

Here's 'Under Cover Of Darkness'.


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