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The Stone Roses have seemingly begun recording new material ahead of their re-union tour.

After fifteen years of rumour, speculation and heartache in the end all it took was a simple press conference to confirm that The Stone Roses had, in fact, reformed.

Promising a world tour and new material, the mercurial Mancs then penned a deal with Universal and Columbia. Now it seems that The Stone Roses have already begun to lay down material for their proposed third album.

Actor Chris Coghill is a close friend of the band, and is currently working on a film about their epochal show at Spike Island. NME report that the film maker recently let slip that the group have “at least three or four new tracks recorded”.

Speaking to the BBC, the film maker revealed a few details about his upcoming project. "Mani and Ian Brown said, 'Whatever we can do to help.' Essentially, it's my love letter to the Stone Roses and being 16 years old in 1990 in Manchester. There's a little bit of me in all the boys."

Continuing, Coghill said: "I'm mates with Mani and I know Ian a bit, and when we first started talking about it, I emailed them both an outline of what we wanted to do and they said, 'You have our support, you have our blessing, whatever you need."

Clash editor Simon Harper attended that fateful press conference, in which The Stone Roses promised new material. "We’ll just keep writing and if it’s our standard, we’ll go" Ian Brown explained. "We’re not here to destroy anything, you know; it’s as precious to us as what it is to someone who has followed us for years. I’ve heard a few people saying, ‘You shouldn’t do it, you’re going to destroy the legacy’, but that’s not our intention".

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