'Tales From The Nocturn' due
Tales From The Nocturn

The Sonic Aesthetic announce release of debut EP 'Tales From The Nocturn'.

Any producer who gives away 80% of their possessions in protest to a society “bloated by excess” would be expected to make pristine, uncluttered ditties.

Fittingly, International Feel records boss Mark Barrott’s debut release ‘Mendicant Adventures’ is a headspinning blend of crisp synths and imposing electronica.

Already receiving attention for being a hypnotic and immersive listen, ‘Mendicant Adventures’ is the lead track from Barrott’s debut EP ‘Tales From The Nocturn’, due on March 11th (on International Feel).

With influences including Steve Reich, the EP will also include the crystalline grooves of tracks ‘Dark Of The Moon’ and ‘The Paradol Chamber’.

See what you think of ‘Mendicant Adventures’ below.

Words by James Evans


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