By importing English oak...
Rolling Stones

The Rolling Stones have begun preparations for their one off Hyde Park show as part of the British Summertime series.

In 1969, The Rolling Stones took to the stage in London's Hyde Park for one of the most important performances in their career. A few days before, founding member Brian Jones had passed away and the band - still in shock - prepared to pay tribute to the ill-fated guitarist.

Now the band are set to return to the scene of this emotional performance. The Rolling Stones are set to play the second in the British Summertime series, and aim to import several English oaks to make the area look the same as it did in 1969.

A source told The Sun: "When Mick and the band looked out from the stage back in the Sixties all they could see was a sea of people and a load of trees, but many of those have been cleared or replanted since."

"So they want to recreate the woodland. As you can see from the pictures, the two oak trees either side are absolutely massive. They want it to look as authentic as possible."

Meanwhile, Mick Jagger has told Absolute Radio that he is thrilled at the prospect of returning to Hyde Park. "It'll be fun... (we are looking) forward to doing these two shows in Hyde Park, the last two shows of... this tour so we're gonna make them the best we can...maybe there'll be things beyond that, but right now this is the summer then we have a bit of a break".

The Rolling Stones are set to play Hyde Park on July 6th.


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