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The Phoenix Foundation

The Phoenix Foundation will be releasing their new, double album ‘Fandango’ on the 29th April via Memphis Industries.

The Phoenix Foundation received critical acclaim for their 2011 album ‘Buffalo’ as well as rave reviews for performances on Jools Holland and at Glastonbury. Their latest offering ‘Fandango’ is said to be a 78 minute exploration of moods and musical threads from the glowering motorik opening track ‘Black Mould’ to the slick sound of ‘Sideways Glance’ and ending with the psyche-folk sound of ‘Modern Rock’.

Samuel Flynn Scott has commented on the album’s upcoming release: "Damn the zeitgeist, I still rejoice in the pan-sexual opulence of a double gate-fold vinyl album. Honestly I'm thoroughly satisfied that we have made 80 minutes of tripped out pop oddities that pays absolutely no attention to the short form game of contemporary music. This is Test Match music, maybe it's prog or pysche-folk, whatever it is it's music that we thought about a lot, worked on a lot and care about in the minutia".


To give us an idea of what lies in store, New Zealand’s psychedelic-pop six piece have released the track ‘The Captain’ available for free download from their website - listen to it below.

'Fandango' is set to be released on April 29th.

Words by Lucy Simmonds


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