'Slow Limits' due on May 27th
The Pastels

The Pastels are set to return with the release of long awaited new album 'Slow Limits' on May 27th.

Has it really been that long? The last album from The Pastels emerged in 2009, but since the fantastic-in-places 'Two Sunsets' is a collaboration with Tenniscoats then the record is often excluded from the official discography by fans.

Looking back, 2003's 'The Last Great Wilderness' was a soundtrack project, meaning that 'Illumination' - all the way back in 1997 - is the last proper Pastels record.

Wow. Which gives us great pleasure to introduce new album 'Slow Limits' which will be released on May 27th. Recorded in Glasgow by John McEntire and Bal Cooke, and mixed in Chicago by McEntire, the material features a core line up of Stephen McRobbie, Katrina Mitchell, Tom Crossley, Gerard Love, Alison Mitchell and John Hogarty.

Guests include original member Annabel Wright (Aggi) and Norman Blake, while two-thirds of To Rococo Rot (Stefan Schneider and Ronald Lippok) and Tenniscoats also lend their voices to 'Slow Limits'. Here's a trailer.

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'Slow Limits' is set to be released on May 27th. Tracklisting:

1 Secret Music
2 Night Time Made Us
3 Check My Heart
4 Summer Rain
5 After Image
6 Kicking Leaves
7 Wrong Light
8 Slow Summits
9 Come to the Dance

Catch The Pastels at this summer's Green Man, or at the following Glasgow show:

1 Glasgow CCA

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