'Tomorrow's Hits' due on March 3rd
Tomorrow's Hits

The Men are set to release new album 'Tomorrow's Hits' through Sacred Bones on March 3rd.

The Men go... acoustic? Yep, it really happened.

Earlier this year the New York noiseniks released new EP 'Campfire Songs', a collection of un-amplified hymnals - Clash even spoke to them about the project, find that feature HERE.

A worthwhile gesture, for sure, but when The Men can produce such righteous fury fans hoped this wouldn't be a permanent diversion.

Which leads us nearly to 'Tomorrow's Hits'. Electrified and electrifying, 'Tomorrow's Hits' was seemingly record live across a frenetic 48 hour recording period.

Boasting a horn section, 'Tomorrow's Hits' clocks in with a tasty eight tracks. With UK dates in the offing, too, these are exciting times...

The Men will release 'Tomorrow's Hits' on March 3rd. Tracklisting:

1 Dark Waltz (5:15)
2 Get What You Give (3:22)
3 Another Night (5:30)
4 Different Days (4:33)
5 Sleepless (3:13)
6 Pearly Gates (6:19)
7 Settle Me Down (4:59)
8 Going Down (3:43)

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