Cedric Bixler-Zavala reveals

The Mars Volta have revealed that they are close to completing their sixth studio album.

Every so often it starts again. At The Drive In may have split more than a decade ago, but the post-hardcore icons are continually linked with a reformation. Fans kicked off another round of the rumour mill recently, but with The Mars Volta confirming plans to head back into the studio it seems they may have to wait a little longer.

The Afro-clad prog experience have been quiet of late, but singer Cedric Bixler-Zavala recently informed fans that sessions for a proposed sixth album began last year.

Writing on his YouTube account, the frontman said: "all lp6 questions will be answered when the record comes out. thank you for the interest . all i can say is that most of the music and artwork is the complete opposite of everything we have done. as is with our band name it is a new leaf with some small familiar aspects. we have stripped down much? of what people are used to when it comes to us, so chances are alot of you might not like it but i think a real volta fan understands that change is good, especially in terms of artwork and singing style and of course drummers."

"it is our duty as an artist to make the comfortable and complacent volta fan feel uncomfortable. anyway u slice it there is always a polarizing effect that comes from our musical choices. its been happening since deloused and a lot of people didn't "get it" or like it then. so just imagine how this one will be perceived."

A new track from The Mars Volta is set to appear on an upcoming computer game - 'Zed And Two Naughts' will take pride of place on the soundtrack for the Playstation release 'MLB 12 The Show'.

Elsewhere, Cedric Bixler-Zavala revealed that he is close to completing a new work inspired by comic books. "im not sure if its going to be a graphic novel per say. all my solo record stuff has gotten in the way. i have to edit the fuck out of it and figure out an ending still.? fingers crossed".

The Mars Volta are currently in the studio.

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