Squeezing ahead of James Arthur

The Justice Collective have claimed this year's Christmas number one single, with their version of 'He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother' squeezing ahead of James Arthur.

For those affected by the Hillsborough disaster, 2012 has been a particularly emotional year. After more than two decades of struggle, the families of those who died at Britain's biggest footballing disaster were able to push the Conservative government to exonerate fans of all wrong doing.

Able to present a larger, more truthful depiction of the tragic events on that day in 1989 than ever before, a full enquiry will be launched to present a fresh insight into what could have been done to prevent the deaths of 96 people.

The Justive Collective was formed earlier this year, a loose knit group of musicians hoping to raise funds to aid the families in their quest. Recording a version of 'He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother' the single was released in time for the festive season and has claimed this year's Christmas number one.

Starting the week just behind X Factor winner James Arthur, the Justive Collective nudged in front when the mid week sales were announced. Now the Official Chart Company has confirmed that the group have seized pole position, surging ahead of the competition.

Steve Rotherham, MP Liverpool Walton, commented: "We have done in 9 weeks what it normally takes 9 months or more to achieve. Working with a phenomenally dedicated team all of whom have worked for free and displayed total professionalism throughout".

Here it is.


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