'Red Night' due on June 11th

The Hundred In The Hands are set to release their new album 'Red Night' on June 11th.

Based in New York, The Hundred In The Hands almost happened by accident. Pricking the interest of Warp Records with only a handful of mp3s, the band suddenly found themselves with the funding for a debut album.

A compelling take on the synth pop template, The Hundred In The Hands sat at the centre of critical acclaim. Returning to New York, the band took time off to find focus and sketch out plans for a follow up.

Now the duo are planning to break cover. New album 'RED NIGHT' will be released on June 11th, with teaser track 'Faded' available to stream below.

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The Hundred In The Hands have also supplied the following quote. “From the start there was a darkness that was coming out both lyrically and sonically, the songs were all heartbreak and fear of losing something special, trying to find that better light.”

'RED NIGHT' will be released on June 11th. Here's the tracklisting:

1. Empty Stations
2. Recognise
3. Come With Me
4. Red Night
5. Keep It Low
6. SF Summer
7. Faded
8. Tunnels
9. Stay The Night
10. Lead In The Light

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