'Come With Me' out now
Come With Me

The Hundred In The Hands have released a new digital remix EP based on 'Come With Me'.

There's one problem with allowing your relationship to filter into your music: when trouble starts, you are left with no room to express yourself. The Hundred In The Hands faced this problem last year, when the married duo found themselves going through some tough times.

Eleanore Everdell told us earlier this year: “We were kind of going through some shit and we had some things that we had to work through this year so it was a little cathartic. Writing things and admitting them to ourselves”.

Allowing this to filter into their music, The Hundred In The Hands returned with 'Red Night' - a dramatic, cathartic offering which fuses relentless electronics with touches of a post-punk aesthetic. Now the pair have released a digital only remix EP, focussing on album cut 'Come With Me'.

Using the new stripped clean, angular non-album mix, the EP also featured re-workings from Lucky Paul, South London Ordnance & Swim Deep plus LDFD’s take on ‘Tunnels’.

Stream the South London Ordnance Remix below.

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'Come With Me Remix EP' is out now.

1. Come With Me (Day For Night Version)
2. CWM Lucky Paul Mix
3. CWM South London Ordnance Mix
4. CWM Swim Deep Mix
5. Tunnels LDFD Mix


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