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Detroit garage rockers The Dirtbombs are set to tackle the city's other main export - techno.

Led by Mick Collins, The Dirtbombs are one of Detroit's best kept secrets. Part of seminal garage rockers The Gories, Collins has been pickin' and hollerin' for over two decades now releasing a string of savage cuts.

Now the singer has turned his attention to the world of techno. In addition to spawning a healthy garage rock scene Detroit is also famous for giving the world techno, via the experiments of the Belleville Three.

Uniting the city's joint musical stems, a new project will see The Dirtbombs tackle some of the most sacred texts in the creed of techno. Recently the band unveiled a version of seminal electronic track 'Sharevari' and intend to follow this with a full length album.

Delving into the roots of techno, The Dirtbombs tackle some of the most forward thinking music to emerge from their home city. The album will be titled 'Party Store' and is due to be released on February 11th via In The Red.

Available digitally as well as on CD and 3xLP formats, The Dirtbombs add a little grit to some of techno's core texts. Inner City classic 'Good Life' is given the garage rock treatment, alongside the hugely influential classic 'Strings Of Life'.

Elsewhere, 'Jaguar 1' by Digital Underground producer DJ Rolando will be put through the wringer. Containing nine tracks, the unusual experiment will also contain versions of 'Cosmic Cars' and 'Bug In The Bass Bin'.

Of course, The Dirtbombs are no strangers to concept albums or electronic music. The band released a split single with Adult. back in 2004, while other records have focussed on classic soul covers.

The Dirtbombs are due to release 'Party Store' on February 11th.

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