"We simply decided to sit back for now..."

The Cult have moved to defuse a potential row with Killing Joke frontman Jaz Coleman.

The past few months have been a bewildering - if entertaining - time for those who like their rock with a Gothic twist. The Cult and Killing Joke organised a joint tour, taking The Mission along for the ride.

Killing Joke's perennially unpredictable frontman Jaz Coleman was seemingly none too pleased with the booking, and quickly made his feelings known. Going missing, his departure caused the proposed tour to halt in its tracks.

Later found in the Sahara, the row between Killing Joke and The Cult placed two of the Goth scene's most successful bands against one another. Now The Cult's frontman Ian Astbury has spoken about the row, and his comments are both succinct and entertaining.

From Classic Rock:

"We made a decision to try to let everything settle before we say what we want to say. We simply decided to sit back for now. Apparently, the webmaster from Killing Joke’s website wrote the statement on their behalf; the band immediately issued an apology. Jaz wasn’t even in the country when all of this went down. But the fact of the matter is as people are taking sides, nobody cares about Jaz Coleman and nobody cares about Ian Astbury. It is easy to get caught up in the triviality of it all. For now, I will tell you that we’ve given Killing Joke the opportunity to get their house in order. I have friends that are friends with Jaz and so I felt it was right to offer a little cultural diplomacy."

So there you have it.

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