Reflecting punk and pop sides of the band...
The Cribs

The Cribs have always fused light with shade, sweet with sour.

So when the Wakefield brothers decided to kick off work on a new album, they felt themselves being pulled in two directions. As NME report, The Cribs simply decided to split those creative desires into two albums.

Working on a punk record and a pop project, the band are allowing their ambitions to blossom. The punk side is being handled by Steve Albini, with recording taking place at Electrical Audio in Chicago.

Gary Jarman told NME: "I feel like there's two sides to the band – a punk rock side and a poppy side – and we've always tried to balance them. The idea this time is to let them exist separately as different records."

The pop project, meanwhile, will be recorded in Portland, Oregon later this year. "The songs don't have names yet, but there are two in particular I'm really into," Jarman continues. "I really think one of them is a pop smash. And there's one that's all fuzz bass and geek-rock style synth lines."

Clash spoke to The Cribs last summer and found the band musing on their return to a trio format - check out that feature HERE.

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