Duo re-work Hunters & Collectors
Hunters & Collectors

The Avalanches have posted a new remix of Australian group Hunters & Collectors online.

Like a frozen lake, The Avalanches may be still on top but underneath those creative ideas continue to churn away.

Work on the band's proposed second album is ongoing, with the group no doubt attempting to clear a record number of samples. For now, though, fans can placate themselves with a newly commissioned remix.

Inspired by post-punk and Krautrock, Hunters & Collectors (photo above) were cult heroes in Australia throughout the 80s.

Reminiscent of Talking Heads circa 'Remain In Light' the group had an itchy, nagging sense of funk which they matched to thoughtful, often quite introverted songwriting.

New album 'Crucible - The Songs Of Hunters & Collectors' contains 15 remixes and 15 original recordings. A nod to their youthful inspiration, The Avalanches have stepped in to provide the Planets Collide remix of 'Stalking To A Stranger'.

Listen to it below.

'Crucible - The Songs Of Hunters & Collectors' is set to be released on September 27th.

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