Check out preview cut 'Mean Streets'

Tennis are set to release new EP 'Small Sound' on February 3rd.

A husband-wife combo, Tennis seemed to prove that love - not divorce - was capable of producing the best music. Recently switching labels, the band are now firmly ensconced on Communion with new material in the pipeline.

With a full length album in the works, Tennis are set to preview this with a new EP. 'Small Sound' will be released on February 3rd, with lead cut 'Mean Streets' available to stream now.

Placing a full lyric video online, the band seem to be indicating a return to the breezy indie pop of their debut.

Take a gander below.

Can't wait for new material? Check out an archive interview with Tennis HERE.

'Small Sound' is set to be released on February 3rd. Tracklisting:

1. Mean Streets
2. Timothy
3. Cured of Youth
4. Dimming Light
5. 100 Lovers

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