After comments from Tyler, The Creator

Tegan And Sara have written an open letter to the music industry in protest at what they see as pandering to homophobia.

More than thirty years on from the Stonewall riots, gay rights remain at the forefront of society. Homosexual people battle discrimination in all forms, including professional set backs and often violent provocation.

Hip hop's attitude towards gay people has been notoriously negative. Fast rising rapper Tyler, The Creator has caused a stir but few have addressed some extremely questionable aspects of his work.

Shocked by what they see as widespread "misogynistic and homophobic ranting" Canadian duo Tegan And Sara have issued an open letter to the music industry:

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When will misogynistic and homophobic ranting and raving result in meaningful repercussions in the entertainment industry? When will they be treated with the same seriousness as racist and anti-Semitic offenses? While an artist who can barely get a sentence fragment out without using homophobic slurs is celebrated on the cover of every magazine, blog and newspaper, I’m disheartened that any self-respecting human being could stand in support with a message so vile.

As journalists and colleagues defend, excuse and congratulate ‘Tyler, the Creator,’ I find it impossible not to comment. In any other industry would I be expected to tolerate, overlook and find deeper meaning in this kid’s sickening rhetoric? Why should I care about this music or its “brilliance” when the message is so repulsive and irresponsible? There is much that upsets me in this world, and this certainly isn’t the first time I’ve drafted an open letter or complaint, but in the past I’ve found an opinion – some like-minded commentary – that let me rest assured that my outrage, my voice, had been accounted for. Not this time.

If any of the bands whose records are held in similar esteem as Goblin had lyrics littered with rape fantasies and slurs, would they be labeled hate mongers? I realize I could ask that question of DOZENS of other artists, but is Tyler exempt because people are afraid of the backlash? The inevitable claim that detractors are being racist, or the brush-off that not “getting it” would indicate that you’re “old” (or a faggot)? Because, the more I think about it, the more I think people don’t actually want to go up against this particular bully because he’s popular. Who sticks up for women and gay people now? It seems entirely uncool to do so in the indie rock world, and I’ll argue that point with ANYONE…

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Tyler, The Creator has issued a short response via Twitter: "If Tegan And Sara Need Some Hard Dick, Hit Me Up!"

The rapper is making a reference to Tegan And Sara's sexuality - the pair are both homosexual, which is hardly relevant to the debate.

The Tweet has caused a massive stir online. Your thoughts?

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