'Maculate Conceptions' due on March 28th

Teenage Fanclub drummer Francis MacDonald has released a new album as a free download.

Teenage Fanclub are blessed with three stunning songwriters. However behind the vocals sits a talented drummer, who is often pushed out of the limelight. Now Francis MacDonald have decided to release new material under his own name.

Recorded while on tour with the Scottish indie legends, 'Maculate Conceptions' is an entirely instrumental offering. Recorded during down time, Francis MacDonald has taken inspiration from his favourite soundtracks.

Using just a portable Mac computer, Francis MacDonald recorded the material on GarageBand. In addition to working with Teenage Fanclub the drummer is also active in the music industry.

Managing acts such as Attic Lights and The Vaselines, MacDonald also runs Shoeshine Records, and has worked extensively with BMX Bandits.

Released online, 'Maculate Conceptions' is available to download now. Click HERE to grab your copy!

'Maculate Conceptions' is available as a free download for one week only, before reverting to a paid-for format on March 28th.

Recorded in the back of the tour bus, Francis MacDonald crafted the material in hotel rooms across Europe. Using the album as a way to unwind, the drummer explains that the instrumental album will be followed by a more song-based effort.

“Making this music was a great way to pass the inevitable ‘tour downtime’. We had some big drives. I like to be occupied and I like to stay creative….I love classic 50s/60s pop, rock and country music. Jonathan Richman is another hero."

"But recently I have also been listening to more instrumental music: various soundtracks and minimalist, accessible stuff by Ludovico Einaudi and Phillip Glass. So that’s been an influence on this music….I am working on a solo album of song songs but I will always enjoy listening to and making this kind of music too.”

Francis MacDonald is planning to launch the album with a special in store event at the Apple shop in Glasgow. Taking place on April 14th, the drummer will talk about the album as well as perform a few live tracks.

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