With yet more bacchanalian delights...
Black Devil Disco Club

Black Devil Disco Club is set to return with new album 'Black Moon, White Sun' later this year.

Bernard Fevre is an enigma. Working under the banner of Black Devil Disco Club since 1978, the French producer has outlasted time and trend, with his lavish, bacchanalian productions hinting at twilight debauchery.

Gaining cult acceptance from some impressive names, 2011's 'Circus' saw the Parisian talent joined by the likes of YACHT, Jon Spencer, Afrika Bambaataa, Nancy Sinatra and Faris Badwan from The Horrors.

Completing work on a fresh batch of material, Fevre is eager to set himself apart from mere dance initiators. "For 'Black Moon White Sun', I imagined myself in the skin of a shaman whose ceremony begins with the Sun Totem Dance, I allowed myself to express my primitive, feminine and animal natures. This is an invitation to join me on a journey that is disturbing, shocking and disconcerting but also more colorful than ever before, more generous, full of love, this is an invitation to a pagan festival."

Pagan electronics with a colourful twist, 'Black Moon White Sun' is set to be released on October 31st - a time when the barrier between the natural and supernatural, the conscious mind and the unconscious mind melts away.

"Everything around me, the cosmos, the supernatural, magic, the light that flashed from itself, all these forces act upon me. It's terrifying and exciting, paradoxically both extremely simple and complex. The creation of my music is much like the miracle of life, there are divine or evil forces that I can not control…"

Set to be released on Lo Recordings, Clash has obtained a snippet from 'Black Moon, White Sun'. It's a mere suggestion, a hint of what to expect but every second drips with the passionate innovation we've come to expect from Black Devil Disco Club.

'Black Moon, White Sun' is set to be released on October 31st.

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