Critics Week Winner At Cannes

A big hit at this years Sundance, Take Shelter recently scooped the critics week prize at Cannes and was picked up by distributors prior to screening; a coup indeed. It was written and directed by Jeff Nichols who made the much lauded independent, 'Shotgun Stories' and tells a familiar cinematic tale of encroaching psychological dread, real or imagined.

Set in Ohio it tells the story of Curtis (played by the always excellent character actor Michael Shannon) his wife Samantha (Jessica Chastain, star of Malick's Palme d'Or winning 'The Tree of Life') and their small daughter Hannah, who is deaf. Despite struggling to make ends meet and paying for their daughters specialist education they are a tight knit and happy family unit, until Curtis begins to dream about a terrible storm.

We and he are unsure if this is really the foretelling of an apocalyptic event or if it is merely his imagination. But in the feverish tradition of 'Close Encounters' he becomes enthralled to his paranoia and begins to build a storm shelter in his garden, much to the concern of his wife and the local community.

We hear briefly that his mother has suffered from a schizophrenic type illness and are obviously meant to wonder if he is heading down the same road. You'd be forgiven for thinking this sounded like a sinister 'Field Of Dreams' but if the acting quality and impressive cinematography are any indication then it's sure to be much more than that.

Take Shelter is set for an October release


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