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T. Williams

T. Williams has unveiled his upcoming 'Feelings Within' EP.

Fusing house, UK garage and plenty of bass, T. Williams has an unfailingly direct approach to the dancefloor. Now on PMR, last year's 'Pain & Love' EP sprinkled some pop flourishes over his underground stylings, reaching his widest audience to date.

Now he's back. Upcoming EP 'Feelings Within' is set to be released this month, with T. Williams now presenting an enticing preview.

'Mobb' has plenty of rolling UK garage beats and chopped up vocal samples, but there's a muscular feel here which is quite different from the garage scene's often frothy pop edge. Those bass bulges, the kicks 'n' snares are more reminiscent of the 'dark garage' period - when bass began to gestate, forming the nascent dubstep and grime scene.

Listen to 'Mobb' below.

Fancy some T. Williams in your life? Here's an archive mix in the Clash series. 'Feeling Within' is set to be released this month. Tracklisting:

1. On My Own ft. TALA
2. Mobb
3. Smile ft. Tendai
4. Three Letters

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