Hope you didn't miss out...

All tickets for T In The Park have sold out within just a few short hours of going on sale.

One of the biggest events in the summer season, tickets for T In The Park are like gold-dust. Around the corner from the ClashMusic office the Dundee record shop Grouchos is an official ticket distributor.

Each year hundreds queue through the night, with some camping out on the front door from Wednesday onwards. This year was no exception, with the line up announcement yesterday (February 24th) sending fans flooding towards the queue.

Tickets went on sale at 9am this morning, and sold out within a few hours. The huge demand for weekend passes was perhaps caused by the line up announcement, which contained a few massive names.

Arctic Monkeys are set to return to Balado, following a break of a few years. The Sheffield band made their name at T In The Park courtesy of a few stunning performances on their rise to the top.

Due to unveil material from their as yet unfinished fourth album, Arctic Monkeys will have old scores to settle. Confirmed as the headliners, the indie titans will be joined by some massive bands.

Coldplay are one of the biggest groups on the planet right now, and massive anticipation surrounds their new album. Due to play at the Scottish festival, the trio of headliners is completed by American rock behemoths Foo Fighters.

Completely selling out in just a few hours, festival director Geoff Ellis commented: “We are delighted to have an exceptionally strong line-up for 2011 but you can’t be complacent, it’s still as momentous for us to sell out now as it was the first time around and we’re thrilled."

"It’s great to know 85,000 music lovers think we’ve made the right choices and that they are as excited about the gates opening on 8th July as we are.”

T In The Park runs between July 8th - 11th.

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