After recent theft...

A painting by Syd Barrett has been returned after it went missing from a London gallery.

As the lead creative force in Pink Floyd, Syd Barrett helped to invent the notion of English psychedelia. Mixing whimsical Victorian children's fiction with R&B, Barrett took the element of chance from free jazz.

Throw in some Eastern mysticism and you have the mixture which came to the fore on 'Piper At The Gates Of Dawn'. Later retreating from the music industry due to mental health problems, Syd Barrett became an illusive, iconic figure in the history of British rock music.

In later life, Syd Barrett returned to his original love - painting. The songwriter took up his easel, producing countless completed paintings which he would often destroy immediately after completion.

Sadly passing away in 2006, Syd Barrett's paintings formed the crux of a recent exhibition. Showing in the Idea Generation gallery, the collection was widely praised as a unique insight into his creative process.

However one painting went missing. Stolen from the gallery, Syd Barrett's former girlfriend Libby Gausden appealed for the painting to be returned due to the priceless emotional value it holds for Syd Barrett's family and friends.

Painted between 1961 and 1962, the painting was originally a present for the songwriter's then girlfriend, who remained close friends with the psychedelic icon.

The Press Association reports that Gausden appealed for the safe return of the painting, offering a £2000 reward.

The appeal appears to have been successful, with the painting being immediately returned. According to The Wire, the early work was anonymously posted back to the gallery shortly after the appeal was made.

The painting was a unique self-portrait, completed before Syd Barrett found fame in the psychedelic underground. Forming part of the Syd Barrett Arts & Letters exhibition, it is one of many such works on show at the Idea Generation gallery.

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