Pink Floyd founder's art for sale

A collection of drawings designed by lost psychedelic hero Syd Barrett are due to be auctioned this month.

Syd Barrett began life as an artist, before later turning to the guitar. Even in music he swiftly applied a design element, gathering a brightly coloured wardrobe and applying mirrors to his trademark Telecaster.

Sadly Barrett only completed one album with The Pink Floyd before suffering a massive mental breakdown apparently brought on by excessive use of LSD.

After attempting to piece together two solo albums Barrett retired from music, capable of living off his royalties as Pink Floyd became one of the biggest groups on the planet.

Sadly Syd Barrett died in 2008.

He remains cult hero to many, however, due to his style, elegance and his strikingly original songwriting style. The twelve drawings which are due to be auctioned were donated by schoolfriend Andrew Rawlinson.

Rawlinson describes them as: "It's seven sheets of cardboard held together by sellotape. It's also a little gem and as good a reflection of the man himself as I know - experimental, colourful, wide open and right on the button."

He adds: "Nobody in the rock world has ever integrated words and images like Syd, or produced anything quite as fresh and complete as this. Syd did it in a day or two at the age of 18 or 19."

All money raised from the auction will be donated to the Syd Barrett Trust which helps mental health charities.

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