'Film Star' recorded in London...

Suede are giving away a live version of 'Film Star' - download it below.

Suede's return has been more of a gentle incline than a sudden explosion. Taking their time over each decision, the band's shows have displayed plenty of the energy which drove that initial golden arc of studio albums.

Now they're ready to add another step to their discography. 'Bloodsports' is out on Monday (March 18th) and finds Suede managing to push ahead without losing sight of their identity.

As a treat, the band are giving away a new live cut. 'Film Star' was part of the group's commercial peak, that odd point when Suede took gender confused, smack addled poetry to the charts amid th laddishness of Britpop.

Caught live in action at the Barfly last week, this is vital, visceral rendition of a fan's favourite.

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Read a full interview with Suede focussing on the gestation of 'Bloodsports' HERE.


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