New album 'Kaani' draws near...
Tal Millionaire

Tal National are set to release new album 'Kaani' on Monday (September 9th) - stream a bonus cut below.

There's a cliche, a nagging perception, to view Africa as one, homogenous mass. In reality, the continent is almost unimaginably complex, with racial, tribal and colonial distinctions building up into myriad of cultural influences.

Tal National hail from Niger, and reflect the area's astonishing diversity. A former French colony, the Songhai, Fulani, Hausa, and Taureg populations which have settled in the African nation are all reflected in the band's line up.

Recording their third album 'Kaani' with Jamie Carter, the process reflected the group's lust for music. Spending all day in the studio, Tal National would then depart at 5pm to perform in clubs - sometimes for five hours at a time.

The band's debut release on Fat Cat, 'Kaani' is a blistering display of their talents. Switching between styles, what shines through is the sheer ability of Tal National to impress their own personality onto every note.

Before then, Clash have been handed bonus cut 'Kolurgnenwney'.

Stream it below.

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