Pavement 'walk on' music

Stephen Malkmus has compiled a new playlist containing 'walk on' songs for Pavement.

The delicate art of the 'walk on' song. When a band emerges onstage, they want to create the right atmosphere - something that says 'we're here' without seeming too obvious, outrageous or distracting.

Returning for a world tour last year, Pavement clearly enjoyed their time on the road. A band of impeccable taste, the seminal slackers used a wide variety of different songs to herald their arrival onstage.

Set to perform at Le Guess Who? festival in Utrecht, Stephen Malkmus is back on solo duty. Accompanied by the Jicks, the influential singer was invited to compile a playlist for the Dutch festival.

Responding with typical imagination, Stephen Malkmus put together two mixes featuring songs used as Pavement 'walk on' material. Containing 38 songs and more then 2.7 hours of music, the playlist was created by Stephen Malkmus and Mark Ibold.

Featuring everything from golden 60s pop - the Beach Boys - to a witch house assault - SALEM - the mixes are eclectic, fun and a bit of an adventure.

Split into two parts, you can stream the mixes HERE.

Situated in the fourth largest city in the Netherlands, Le Guess Who? has a fairly impressive line up. Aside from Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks, the festival has arranged performances from Panda Bear, Zomby, Zola Jesus, Fools Gold, Summer Camp, A Winged Victory For The Sullen and more.

Find out more HERE.

Le Guess Who? runs until Sunday night (November 27th).

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